Product Innovation

Il y a une raison pour laquelle nous sommes la marque de terrasses n° 1 au monde : nous offrons les produits destinés à vivre dehors les plus innovants et les plus avancés technologiquement disponibles aujourd'hui. En tant que première société à combiner la durabilité du plastique recyclé à la beauté naturelle du bois de récupération dans des terrasses haute performance, nous jouons le rôle de chefs de file dans l'application de cette technologie exclusive à une large variété d'applications extérieures pour créer des espaces extérieurs luxueux qui ne nécessitent que peu d'entretien.

Unyielding Resolve

From the moment our company was founded, we've been dedicated to developing the world's most innovative decking. From reclaimed wood, plastic and sawdust, we create durable, low-maintenance, high-performance materials that can withstand the harshest outdoor conditions - not to mention the most demanding designers, builders and homeowners. What's more, we continue to break new ground in eco-friendly products and manufacturing processes, leading the industry in green technology. That's the kind of innovative spirit that has always defined our company…and that will continue to drive our growth.

Trex launches the wood-alternative decking industry
1996: A NEW IDEA

Find innovative uses for plastic and wood scrap otherwise headed for the landfill in a time well before green is a buzzword. Our solution – low-maintenance composite decking – becomes an instant sensation, and launches an industry.

Trex composite decking enables unique, geometric inlays and designs

With more Trex in more backyards comes more demand–so much we almost can’t keep up. Cue new colors and styles, enhanced wood grains… and the competition.

La terrasse en matériau composite haute performance de Trex Transcend crée une nouvelle catégorie de l’industrie de la terrasse en bois

Trex Transcend® and its protective shell technology is our answer to the declining housing (and therefore, decking) market, creating a revolutionary deck category with superior resistance to fading, staining, scratching and mold. It not only reinvents the industry, it also raises the bar for decking of all kinds.

Trex Signature railing in Charcoal Black complements the vastness of a Transcend deck in Lava Rock and Tiki torch as shown in the Shenandoah Collection
Now and Next

Our innovative engineering that works wonders for deck surfaces explodes to an entire outdoor living system: coordinated railings, outdoor furniture, porches, pergolas and Trex Elevations® steel deck framing, another category changer. The future? One word: more.